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What is an anal fissure?

An anal fissure is a small cut or tear in the lining of the anus. The crack in the skin causes severe pain and some bright red bleeding during and after bowel movements. At times the fissure is deep enough to expose the muscle tissue underneath. An anal fissure may occur as a result of childbirth, straining during bowel movements, or long bouts of constipation or diarrhea. Anal fissures can also be the result of certain medical conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), infection, and cancer.

An anal fissure can affect people of all ages, and it's often seen in infants and young children. Constipation is a common problem in these age groups. An anal fissure usually isn't a serious condition. In most cases, the tear heals on its own within four to six weeks. In cases where the fissure persists beyond eight weeks, it's considered chronic, or long term.

What are the symptoms of anal fissure?

If you have an acute anal fissure, you may feel a tearing or ripping sensation in that area during bowel movements. You may also notice

  • A visible tear in the anus
  • Pain during bowel movements
  • Blood on used toilet paper or wipes
  • Blood on the surface of stools
  • Bleeding that discolors toilet water
  • Bad-smelling discharge

Signs that a fissure has become chronic can include

  • Painful bowel movements without bleeding
  • Itch and irritation of the skin around the anus
  • A skin tag at the end of a fissure
  • Acute anal fissures can also happen in babies. They're thought to be the most common cause of rectal bleeding for very young children.

Signs that your child may have an anal fissure include

  • Crying during bowel movements
  • Blood on the surface of stools or in soiled diapers
  • A visible tear in the anal area

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