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The Anus Apse

Anorectal apse is rooted in infection in anal channel is maybe the one that we encounter most frequently in surgical field. Although anorectal apse is caused by other causes, it is most frequently rooted in infection in anal channel and maybe it is one of the most frequent clinical status. Although underlying reason of patients are the same, they show different anatomic spread according to apse localization.

Patients’ Complaints:

Most of patients;

  • Ache,
  • Fever,
  • Sensibility,
  • Redness,

Fullness in anus area (they cannot sit on a chair or sofa, they sit up by their side) and such complaints patients have.

In progressive apse cases, fluxion comorbid to case.

Treatment of Apse

If apse occurs in anus area, apse should be drained away, in other words; it should be cleaned out. Afterwards singlet or doublet antibiotic treatment may be begun according to patient’s state. Following this, checking for state and the reasons of apse should be carried on.

Approximately in % 30 or % 50 of patients’ permanent nonhealing tunnel (fistula) between oral channel and perianal channel may occur. These patients express themselves in the way that unabated gleet or occasionally perianal swelling and following this fluxion.

Treatment of Anus Abscess in Our Centre

  • All apse patients who come to our center are examined in detail first and then they are informed about their illness and treatment.
  • Patient is taken to his/her own private room to provide hygiene environment.
  • After preparation phase, patient is taken to sterilized intervention room to intervene in a sterilized environment.
  • Local anesthesia is administered for medical intervention. Because cleaning out apse is painful operation. The apse of patient cannot be cleaned out wholly and completely because of pain so anesthesia is required.
  • Drainage namely cleaning out apse is administered in sterilized conditions (five-ten minutes)
  • After the operation, the patient has a rest in his/her room. Following this returns his/her home and job on foot.

The Advantages of Treatment of Abscess of Anus

  • Patient can return his/her job same day.
  • There is not narcosis and the risk of narcosis. It is sufficient to narcotize of area.
  • Apse is cleaned out completely in a sterilized way.
  • Pain is minimal
  • Since abscessed part is cleaned out completely the possibility of relapse or occurrence of fistula is low.
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