The patient rights which are stipulated in the Regulation on Patient Rights published by the Ministry of Health on August 1, 1998, are hung on the walls of many institutions. As it is kind of a written order, we share the text as it is:

Anyone applying to this health institution for receiving a health service is entitled to;

  • Benefit from the service in general: Benefiting from activities promoting healthy life and from preventive health services but in the frame of the principles of justice and fairness,
  • Access the service equally: Receiving service regardless of one's race, language, religion and sect, sex, political opinion, philosophical belief, economic and social status,
  • Be informed: Learning about all kinds of services and opportunities,
  • Select and change the health institution: Selecting and changing the health institution and benefiting from the health services supplied in the selected health institutions,
  • Get to know, select and change personnel: Learning the identities of the physicians and other personnel who do and will provide the needed health service and also selecting and changing them,
  • Demand information: Demanding all kinds of information regarding to one's health status verbally and in writing,
  • Confidentiality: Receiving all kinds of health services in a confidential environment,
  • Consent and permission: Taking of one's consent in medical interventions and benefiting from the service but in the frame of this permission,
  • Rejection and stoppage: Rejecting a treatment and demand its stoppage,
  • Safely: Receiving health services in a safe environment,
  • Perform one's religious duties: Performing one's religious obligations within the frame of the related institution's capacities and of the measures taken by the Administration,
  • Be respected: Receiving health services with a smiling, polite and compassionate approach being respected and cared for,
  • Comfort: Receiving health services in an environment where all kinds of hygienic conditions are met and which is freed of noise and all uncomfortable factors,
  • Visit: Accepting visitors in accordance with the principles and methods stipulated by the related organizations and institutions,
  • Keep an attendant: Demanding to keep an attendant as allowed by the legislation and according to the capacities of the health organizations and institutions, provided also that this is deemed suitable by the related position,
  • Application, complaint and litigation: Using one's all kinds of application, complaint and litigation rights within the frame of the legislation in the case of violation of one's rights,
  • Continuous service: Benefiting from health services as long as needed,
  • Expressing one's opinion: Expressing one's thoughts about the services being supplied.